What Children Should Wear for Classes at Uptown Arts

Uptown Arts is an active, lively place and children should be dressed to move freely in classes. The following is a list that describes what should be worn for each class. Please make sure your child is dressed properly so he or she will have the best possible experience!

Acting and Music

For acting and music classes, children should wear clothes that let them move easily. Sweat pants, stretch pants, shorts that come to mid-thigh or loose-fitting pants are best. Girls should not wear dresses, skirts or short shorts because many exercises take place on the floor. Shoes with hard heels, boots or flip flops will not be allowed. Gym shoes are recommended.

Art and Clay

Clothing that children wear to school is acceptable as long as you realize paint spills (mostly washable) are a possibility. Care is taken by teachers to protect clothing, but accidents do happen even though we provide paint shirts.


Teachers recommend that girls wear leotards, tights, and leather ballet shoes. No extra ballet skirts or tutus are allowed.  Leather ballet shoes are available at Payless Shoes. If it is difficult for you to provide ballet clothing, make sure girls wear sweat pants, stretch pants, or stretchy shorts that come to mid-thigh with a T-shirt. 

Hip Hop 

This classis is an active dance class so children should wear jazz shoes, T-shirts, sweat pants, stretch pants or shorts that come to mid-thigh – any clothing in which they can move freely. Pants should not drag on the floor. This is dangerous. Jeans, skirts or short shorts are not allowed. Jazz shoes are best for these classes, but leather ballet shoes are permitted.

African Dance and Drums

Dancers wear short sleeved T-shirts and shorts. Jeans, long pants, sweaters or fleece tops will not be allowed. Dancers perform barefoot.

Drummers wear short sleeved T-shirts.